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Re: using the 10fps

Mike H wrote:

I am doing a lot more bracketing -1 n +1 to do what I called "hand held HDR" in case I want to run the the shots thru an HDR program. As you can imagine most of the plus or minus shots are soon deleted costing me only wear and tear on the shutter,

I just checked, the camera I got on its day of release now has 19540 actuation's on it

Which is a lot for me, but so far not quite 10% of its life.

So at 75 I think Ill just go on shooting the way I have been and enjoying the heck out of this great camera.

My D500 is nine months old and I have over 35000 actuations, will finish the year with close to 40000. With Parkinson's robbing me slowly of my independence each day I'm just going to keep what I'm doing too.

image number 19540

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