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Re: D70 - It's still fun! But so is a D80....

Thank's a lot for all the information fPrime!

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The D850 is probably the best DSLR available at the moment, however it's imaging forte is primarily resolution versus color.

Like most CMOS cameras the D850 still has a weak CFA to support it's smaller pixels and high ISO performance. How do we know this? Color accuracy in cameras is actually measured by SMI under different illuminants and the D850 scored 79 and 76 for CIE D-50 and CIE-A respectively. CCD cameras with strong CFA's like the D70 typically score in the mid-80's for both of these illuminants.


Interesting. I knew from my experience that CCD colors were “better” and they definitely looked nicer to me. I was amazed how beautiful colors my recently bought D40X has (compared to my D610).
Is there any site for standard illuminant tests on Nikon cameras?

Yes, you easily can look up the color accuracy for most cameras at DxOMark.


Narrow the search down by manufacturer then find your camera in the list and click on it. this will take to the "Test" page. From there click on "Measurements". Now click on "Color Response" and you'll see the tabs for the CIE-D50 and CIE-A data. With respective scores of 85 and 83 for these two illuminants the D40X ranks among Nikon's best cameras for color quality.


Great info fPrime!

I would greatly appreciate if you help to better understand this aspect. I included bellow the DXO data for two cameras D40X and D2X. What could we conclude from these data?

Despite the lower overall scores, it seems that the D2X is significantly more sensitive to red color (especially CIE-A relative sensitivity score (1.2 vs 0.8). If true that would really interest me. How to interpret this?

Sorry for so many questions. Thanks in advance for your attention.

The relative sensitivities chart for an RGGB sensor with two green photosites for every one red and blue photosite would ideally show the green primary to be twice as high as the red and blue primaries. So more relative sensitivity to red under CIE-A isn't a good thing here, it means that under incandescent illumination the D2X records far more red than it actually should. And as a result of this over-sensitivity to red it can't natively photograph color as accurately under incandescent lighting as can the D40X. Hence the D2X's lower SMI score for CIE-A.

Does it make a difference if we are photographing a predominantly red/magenta object?

No, over-sensitivity is as bad as not being sensitive enough in this situation. A red/magenta subject would simply clip the red channel before other the rest of the spectrum was fully saturated.

I see. Interesting...

In other words, would this higher sensitivity be advantageous to photograph this type of object under flash (5400 K)?

No, even under this different illuminant you'd still always want a 1:1 match between your subject and its recorded image. And for all we know the D2X is probably much better behaved with flash than incandescent. Flash is more of a complete spectrum analogous to daylight, incandescent is partial spectrum weighted towards red.

Be careful that you don't confuse the "good" high sensitivities in photography (high-ISO, for example) with this under or over-sensitivity to color when it comes to color accuracy. When it comes to accuracy you want all of your color channels to be recorded as close to ideal as possible.

Is there any Nikon camera that stands-out, specially for the red color?

However, you'll see that under CIE-D50 illumination the D2X actually performs quite close to the D40X. This underscores why the sum score for SMI under CIE-A and CIE D-50 is much more valuable than the SMI for any single illuminant in evaluating the robustness of the CFA. Too bad DxO only measure SMI for two illuminants, isn't it? I wish they tested at least a dozen.


These are interesting data. I have never paid attention to this data... Always learning something new...

I don't know which cameras you are currently shooting, but you might one day try one of the CCD color kings of yore for fun. You might be surprised by the color difference you can get.


I just love my D200! see bellow!

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