what's your set of primes?

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what's your set of primes?

While I do have some zooms, I use them only when traveling and changing lenses is not easy or ideal. So I consider myself a prime lens shooter. If I took photos for a living I'd use zooms for sure so as not to miss the money shot, but as a hobbyist, I like the creative challenge of prime shooting. However, all the lens manufacturers seem to focus on the 24-35-50-85 focal lengths for primes and I prefer the 28-40ish-75 FLs. For me, 24 is often too wide, 85 is too long, and 35 and 50 are neither here nor there. On the other hand, I can go out and walk around with a 28 and 45 or 40 and 75mm and feel like they're just right. Unfortunately there are very few native 75mm primes on any FF system and I'm basically forced into APSC where the common 50mm turns nicely into a 75 equivalent. There are a bit more 40 to 45mms for FF bit still not a lot and often APSC 30mm has more alternatives.

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I like the 24-35-50-85 set.
53.7% 29  votes
I prefer the 28-40 to 45-75 set.
11.1% 6  votes
Zooms are as good as primes and a lot more convenient. I don't want to miss any potential good shots.
35.2% 19  votes
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