All Lenses are not made the same, 35mm f1.4 (Fuji) vs 25mm f1.2 (Olympus)

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All Lenses are not made the same, 35mm f1.4 (Fuji) vs 25mm f1.2 (Olympus)

So, as I have the Fuji for a few more days, I am collecting little comparisons to ask a very simple question: "Am I missing out?"

So, as you can see from the studio test so far very few people (outside of those who sleuth out the answer, I know who you are!!) have worked it out, and while there are some favorites, any differences can be evened out with a little more effort on my part.

Last night, as I enjoyed relacing on the sofa with my wife I subjected her to some quick picture taking tests, not as polished as my studio shots, but revealing none the less.

What am I looking at/for in this simple picture, simple quality characteristics. We buy fast lenses for either low light shooting, Subject isolation or faster shutterspeeds. Here we have the opportunity to see from these images, where I processed in ACR again for the best blend of detail vs noise. I tried to match the Olympus TO the fuji for colour as the Olympus had over corrected the Tungsten lights.

Lets look:

Shots were framed to keep the same subject size in the portrait orientation. Settings: Fuji: ISO 1600, f1.4, 1/20Olympus: ISO 1600, F1.2 1/25Edited in ACRPretty mundane shot, but the environment could be anywhere lit in a similar way.

Lets look a bit closer:

As you can see, without any stabilization either in the lens or body this combination has a pixel or so handshake. So it seems IBIS can be useful with people Noise looks very similar between the Fuji and the Olympus cameras at 1600 vs 1600. However wide open at f1.2 the 25mm f1.2 is looking very sharp.

Lets look at bokeh, which one do you think has "feathered bokeh"? Well. the Fuji is on the left** and it is a little busy if you ask me.

Here are the lights in the shot... Hmmmm, I think we one is looking much neater than the other wide open.

So, what did I learn? The fuji is smaller, cheaper and isn't weather sealed, currently has very few stabilized bodies to put it on from Fuji, it resolves reasonably well in the centre, although I will be doing another test for corners, but has quite busy OOF rendering.
I also didn;t see much of a difference between these two when framed like this for subject isolation.
What do you think? While many complain about the size and weight of the PRO f1.2 primes without question Olympus has put the size to good use. It is a sharp lens, with beautiful OOF areas, it is weather sealed and focuses very fast (faster then the fuji).
I will do a more detailed comparison soon, but food for thought.

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