Destroyed my Pro2 - probably getting an XT2

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Destroyed my Pro2 - probably getting an XT2

So last month I spilled some sweet sticky high ABV stout on my Pro2 (yeah I know what an idiot!). At first the camera still powered up but soon failed. Sent it to Fuji in NJ to get an estimate. Called them today and they said it was a total loss. They offered to exchange me a rebuilt Pro2 for $1100. I really don't want another Pro2 so I asked if they had any XT2's that I could buy instead. They said they would sell me a XT2 but they can't give me a price until next week. If it is too high I will just buy a used one from B&H for under $900. Might even get the extended warranty too if I buy from B&H.

My reasons for getting the XT2 instead of a XT3 is that I don't want to spend a huge amount of money right now. Also I have a copy of Lightroom 6 (I paid for it BTW) on my PC and I can use that with the XT. If I bought an XT3 I would have to go to LR CC and I really don't want to pay for software for the rest of my life.

Do not want to get a Pro2 again as I really grew to hate the small viewfinder. The XT2 is supposed to have a finder that is a lot better for eyeglass wearers. Really want the XT2 tilt screen as I would use that a lot. Another thing I really grew to hate was the combined ISO/shutter speed dial. That really needs to be two separate dials and the XT2 has a lot better arraignment. The dial on the Pro2 is a pain. Did I mention that I hate the dial? I really, really HATE that dial.

Anyways I am not really looking for advice. Just felt like whining about my own stupidity.

Zack S
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