What is a good RAW converter for the Huawei P20 PRO?

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Re: What is a good RAW converter for the Huawei P20 PRO?

Thank you, Chuck Ta, for reminding me of that 40 MP option. I just quickly took a couple of sample handheld shots, and lo and behold, so far it works out not too badly, with the higher MB file size, as you had mentioned (7.56 MB in my test case).

When I had first purchased/applied the P20 PRO, I found a very negative comment in some review about the 40 MP setting, and that had steered me towards the 10 MP settings ever since. Probably a big mistake.

As with other comparison shots, though, the PHOTO mode once again turns out to have better results than the PRO mode (much crisper overall, i. e. appearing more clearly defined on all edges, but not necessarily over-sharpened or over-processed, albeit even taken with AI on). Which is really disappointing.

I checked into that supposedly built-in RAW converter you had mentioned; however from what I gleaned from the internet, that may only apply to the Huawei Mate device, so far.

Anyway, Onward Christian Soldiers, as they sing.

Bye for now,  Andy.

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