Which is the Fuji, Which is the Olympus.

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Which is the Fuji, Which is the Olympus.

Sooooooo, I happen to have a Fuji XT2, 90mm f2, 50-140 f2.8 (plus TC) and 35mm f1.4 in my hands so I thought I would start playing some VS games to see if you can really see the improvements in larger sensors.

I was doing headshots of the team in the studio on solids, however they were printed NOTE!!!!!! The banding is unfortunately in the print, not in either camera or light as it was an inkjet print... Something I will have to fix in the final shots, but not these.

So, both of these cameras were set to similar settings and a custom white balance was set. Both lenses were wide open. Cameras were at ISO 640 for the Fuji and The Olympus was at ISO 400. As a note we were shooting with constant lights and the IBIS really helped at these focal lengths.

So which one do you prefer, A or B:

Any dramatic differences? Is there one you like because it is inherently superior

Which camera is which:

Which is the fuji and which is the Olympus.

If you want to share some thoughts comment away. There are more of these coming with the other lenses soon.

I prefer Full image A and I think it is Olympus
30.3% 56  votes
I prefer full image B and I think it is Olympus
20.0% 37  votes
I prefer A and Think it is Fuji
24.9% 46  votes
I Prefer B and think it is Fuji
18.4% 34  votes
For all you rays of light here is your answer: I hate them both, cameras suck only a little bit less than polls.
6.5% 12  votes
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