Panasonic G80 with yongnuo RF-603C (v1)

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Re: Panasonic G80 with yongnuo RF-603C (v1)

ilos wrote:

uRebel Rob wrote:

I have the GX7, but they use the same shutter release plug.

I've tried the YN RF-603n v1 and v2 as a shutter release trigger, and I haven't found a cable with the right resistances. I can get them to work on my nikon D5100 with the right cable, as all other current systems just use straight switches rather than resistors. (You'd only need v2 if you were using it as flash trigger on the hotshor.)

The problem is that panasonic (and leica) use a 4 pole 2.5mm plug (vs the normal 3 pole 2.5mm plug), and use resistors on the two closest to the cable. (DIY schematic) I've bought a few cables that have the "correct" resistors in them, but I'm guessing the RF-603s have internal resistors parallel to the focus and release switches, resulting in the wrong resistance reaching the camera. You might have better luck, or if you're better than me at basic electronics, you can build a DIY cable.

The cable that came with the RF-603c is a straight 3 pole to 3 pole cable for canon (also shown in the above link). I've tried a few 3rd party cables, like this onethat should work. I'm not sure if I've tried this exact one, but it does have the 3 pole plug on one end, the 4 pole plug on the other, and the dongle holding the resistors near the 4 pole end. If you find a 3rd party cable that works, please let me know. As I'm terrible at matching resistances in electronics, I gave up and just use a wired cable release designed specifically for panasonic.

Hello !

I'm really interested about what you said, I got a RF-603C v2 and I was wondering if I can use it to wired trigger my Lumix GX7. You said you use a wired cable designed for panasonic, but do you use it with your RF-603C ?

I guess the signal sent by this trigger is designed according to the brand standard (canon, nikon,...).


Theoretically, you should be able to trigger "any" camera with these triggers, as long as you have the correct cable.

And for most camera brands besides panasonic and leica, this holds true. They all have the "same signal": three contacts: half press, full press, and ground.  The difference is that they use different physical plugs/ports (unless they use the same, like canon/pentax and the E-M1 II). So as far as triggering the camera, the only difference between the RF-603N and RF-603C is the cable that plugs into the camera.

However, panasonic is different. It only uses two contacts, and varies the resistance to signal to the camera what to do. (For details, see this DIY page).  I think the RF-603 (and all other triggers I've tested) have extra (internal) resistors that change the resistance that the panasonic camera sees, enough so the camera doesn't fire.

If you know resistance, have a good multimeter and a bunch of resistors, and a DIY spirit, you should be able to make/fix a cable to work. After trying a bunch of cables that should have worked, I caved in and bought a trigger built for panasonic.

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