What flash for the D500?

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Re: What flash for the D500?

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I seldom ever use my very expensive Nikon speedlights now that I have the TT685n Godox flashes. Combined with a Godox Xpro trigger, it can do way more than my nikon flashes at only a fraction of the cost.

Curios what is it "way more" they can do?

It's just easier for me because now I can control any and all my flashes wirelessly without having to go around changing each one manually. I'm sure if I tried to do that with my nikon flashes, I'd have to invest a LOT of money into the system. Since the Godox flashes have wireless built right in, it's easy and cheap.

You can do that also with a Nikon. The SB800 for instance, has a menu from which you can control three groups of flashes, all triggered optically via preflash.

some cameras, some lenses, some computers

[...] I just want to be able to easily trigger my off camera flashes without the use of a pre-flash which may affect my photo in ways I don't want.

The pre-flash affects exposure only at macro ranges (about 1/3 of a stop). So when doing macro with the R1/C1 combination, I put an IR filter in front of the Master flash.

Personally, Ive just found the Godox system much more convenient.


If you have the R1C1, you can just use the SU-800, which doesn't need the filter. Although it sadly recycles quite slow if you use three groups.

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