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Re: On marketing your business

Your friend that relies primarily on return clients and word of mouth likely wouldn't benefit from an SEO consultant or paid advertising either, and doesn't really relate much to the OP's question.

Performance and efficency of online advertising, both via organic search optimization ie SEO and paid ads on google and such are heavily impacted by the content on the page, as well as of course ad copy if you're running a paid search campaign. Your website is scored based on a weighted algorithm that takes the relevancy of the destination URL. A poorly implemented paid search campaign can actually negatively impact the performance of your organic search, and vice versa. Your friend that is making "money hand over fist" wouldn't benefit much because of course there isn't really content to make someone want to stay - so there will be a high abandonment rate of the website, which again negatively impacts how the website "scores" in the engine algorithm.

Also, just because your friend is ok with the clients he has now and doesn't feel the need to maintain a decent website now doesn't mean that's necessarily a wise move. It's impossible to quantify the amount of business opportunities he's actually missed out on because prospective clients have heard about his work, went to his site, saw that it was pretty basic and decided on someone that can actually show great quality work on their site. Obviously totally depends on the type of photography your friend does as well - just shooting mugs on white for ecommerce doesn't require a website portfolio that's updated on a monthly basis.

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