DSLR or rangefinder form factor

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DSLR or rangefinder form factor

I recently read somewhere (I think it was an older post on Fujirumors.com) that the DSLR-style Fuji cameras, i.e., X-Tx, X-Txx, X-H1, X-T100, sell much better compared to their rangefinder-style brethren (X-Prox, X-Ex, X100x, X70, XF10, X-Ax) and I was wondering why this might be so.

I came to Fuji from the X100T, which I loved, but eventually traded in for a X-E3 to be able to mount different lenses. Very recently, however, I "needed" to swap the X-E3 for a X-T20. The reason being is that I need to wear glasses now and find using the EVF really annoying, so I've switched to using the back LCD exclusively and much prefer to be able to tilt it in order to get a better viewing angle. Long story short: I'm using a DSLR-style Fuji for the tilt-able back LCD, but would prefer to have a rangefinder styled one with the same functionality.

I would therefore be very interested to hear from other users on this forum: What kind of Fuji are you using, and did you pick this form factor only for aesthetic reason, or because you wanted a certain feature that was not available in the other family?

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DSLR form factor (X-Tx, X-Tx0, X-H1, X-T100, X-T100)
40.7% 22  votes
Rangefinder form factor (X-Prox, X-Ex, X100x, X70, XF10, X-Ax)
59.3% 32  votes
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