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Z Anger

I thought this forum was a fairly calm and balanced one, with the occasional hostile poster dropping in, and, equally, the occasional witch-hunt hysteria building up, as it did to an extent when andrewcr1 posted innocently enough and then didn't reply for a couple of days.

But then I looked at the Comments section on the Z6 First Impressions Review. Phew, some pretty angry stuff. What was interesting was not the usual suspects going on about S**y this and that, but the posters from the Nikon DSLR forum I recognised who are deep into the conspiracy stuff, for example (my underline)

Thank goodness for DPR's comment section. People may grouse that it's too loosely controlled but it is now the only place where one can read both pro and con opinions on these mirrorless cameras. The Z forum itself is hopelessly slanted towards pro opinions thanks to heavy-handed censorship of anything even remotely critical

and in reply (my underline)

True , if you go there and ask a question / leave a comment that’s remotely critical your tar and feathered by Nikon employees/ fanboys which are all new accounts, definitely not the way to treat its potential future users ,
On another note if Nikon fixes the subpar AF and makes it as good as what’s in the D850, adds another card slot and improves battery life somehow the Z bodies may have a future but until then it’ll remain novelty in Nikon’s line-up..

I think we are a bit quick at times to jump on criticism, with undertones of "learn how to use it, you moron". But I don't recognise this 'censorship' of anything 'remotely critical'.

Why this polarisation of views, other than it's 2018 and this is what people do?

I think part of it might be that the Zs are so novel to Nikon FX, they don't fit into the familiar line-up and therefore expectations are all over the place.

Personally, I think it's reasonable that some people hoped/expected the Z7 to be a MILC D850, or better than the A7Riii, and to be disappointed in the ways that it isn't. Ditto for for the Z6 and D750/A7iii.

It feels to me there are still some legitimate differences of opinion on how well the AF works for tracking, and faces, and in low light; for how the banding might manifest itself, etc. These are all good topics to explore further and I think we shouldn't be hostile to them.

Equally, I do think there is some misplaced anger from some people that the features which are terribly important to them are ones that other people don't really care about. Repeating the obvious ("only one card slot", "not as good as a D850/D5 for tracking") is about as interesting as someone getting hugely frustrated at the FX forum for not recognising the D850/D5 are too big and heavy.

As much as I like my Z6, I like free speech more, so I think we should avoid getting hostile to any negative views which aren't using offensive language or obviously intended to inflame and annoy.

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