How to get started(location portraits)

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Re: How to get started(location portraits)

Labmom60 wrote:


thank you. I will look on eBay. I hate to spend a lot of money until I really know what I’m doing or even if it’s something that I’m going to use much

Assuming you have a camera, start your lighting kit with a TTL flash for your system, one with radio remote, and get a remote trigger for it. Add a lightstand, mounting bracket, and a smallish white umbrella and you're good to start.

You can use the light either on or off camera, with or without the umbrella when off camera.

Godox is a very popular and affordable brand these days, but be sure to buy from a dealer that offers a warranty and return privileges. (Adorama sells Godox under their Flashpoint house brand name)

A very good way to start learning lighting for right around $200.


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