Advertising my photography business.

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Re: Advertising my photography business.

Mare_333 wrote:

Hello everyone, Marianne here.

I am at the point where I am looking into acquiring new clients through advertising. The most obvious choice seems to be craigslist, but I also looked into Thumbtack and found it pretty good too. Has anyone here used Thumbtack, do they really bring significant business? What other advertisement websites have you used? I would appreciate if you share your experience. Thank you very much,


To preface, my previous career was in advertising - with a lot of work in media strategy, planning and buying over my ~14 year career.

I'd recommend against running any kind of paid advertising at this point. Granted we haven't seen your work, so hard to say for 100% sure, but if you're asking this question on an internet forum you're likely not at the point in your business where this makes sense. No offense intended.

First start with understanding whether you have a well developed personal brand to market. Ask yourself the hard questions like whether you have images that are worth promoting. What type of work do you want to get? What's your business goal? Investing in advertising without having a solid brand and images behind it to promote is a great way to throw money away.

Thumbtack and similar "services" are a rip off for photographers. You have to pay for the leads, and generally the jobs suck and/or with clients that want to pay as little as possible for their photos. Google, Facebook, and Instagram are saturated with photographers all bidding on the same terms - so if you don't have a good understanding of how to build a keyword and bidding strategy, then even if you have a well developed brand, it's easy to spend a LOT of money on low quality traffic. And even if you have a well developed ad copy, keyword and bidding strategy, you're likely only going to drive incremental business through the ads - it won't comprise a majority of your sales.

Honestly, the only website I'd recommend getting on is Yelp at this point, but do not pay for their ads - they are a complete rip off in terms of cost per click.

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