Should I bail on Panny (GX85 & GX850) because of JPG?

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Should I bail on Panny (GX85 & GX850) because of JPG?


I’m a newbie to these forums here so HELLO and Help all at the same time:-). I need to make a quick decision on camera systems. I decided, probably based on your helpful posts, to purchase into the MFT world and buy a couple of Panasonic cameras for my wife and I to take with us on motorcycle/car rides around the area. I’m second guessing my decision. My goal was to buy my wife a fun, easy to use camera and since she likes selfies, the GX850 seemed perfect. One huge problem, JPGs are easy, raw is not. Background…

I have a Nikon D750 and plan on keeping or selling based on how well the MFT cameras/lenses perform. I enjoy manipulating raw in Lightroom. I've owned RX-100 and Canon APS rebels.

So I selected the GX85 for myself and the GX850 for her so we could utilize the same lenses and minimize our travel kit. These cameras would expect a certain amount of time in the pocket but I would think landscapes and travel portraits would be the bulk of their work... and of course, some selfies. The pair seems to be a match made in heaven compared to my requirements for fun cameras that we can also come home and enjoy each others pictures & video of the day on the TV & upload to SmugMug. I also wanted her to be able to post pictures to social media in a timely manner and wifi hookup seems to help with that.

It comes down to this. She will want to take a picture and may desire to upload it quickly. Well, I don’t believe the JPG images I’ve seen have good IQ. So I have been switching lenses and cleaning lenses because the JPGs just don’t seem to be any good IMHO. They seem hazy? If there’s a light anywhere around, there’s an annoying halo and details around the lights are lost and mottled. I guess it’s low light JPG troubles I’m having… but I’m not going to bother giving her the GX850 if the pictures she uploads suck at all. She will certainly not want to bother with it, she can just use her iPhone.

I have been primarily using her GX850 for testing but from what I’ve seen, the GX85 has the same basic issues and it should based on the mechanics of both cameras. The raw files I’ve run through Lightroom seem be of sufficient IQ for our needs for sure.

We need good JPG IQ SOOC! Did I make a mistake buying into this system? I’ve talked BestBuy into not charging me a restocking fee if I return both cameras for a different system like APS-c, full frame or even 1 inch... they seem to think MFT is a far inferior sensor system but I believe it's a capable system with exception of my lame JPG issue. Small size with high IQ was something I was looking forward to looking forward to!


Thanks in advance, Mark

Nikon D750 Panasonic GX850 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX85
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