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Camera8 wrote:

Thanks for the feedback and support all!

Advice for the OCD types out there (like me!). Maybe avoid the a7iii for now. I've had three copies. Two have had loose LCD assemblies. All three have had the light "leakage" issue on the sides of the evf. It is not caused by the reflection of anything inside the viewfinder. I've examined two demo a7iiis and neither one has had the evf issue, probably because they were part of a much earlier production batch.

If you are "normal" you probably aren't going to notice or be bothered by the issues I've described here. I admit they are quite minor. My opinion is that they should not exist in a $2k camera. Just posting for the information of those who may be more like me. I'm probably going to keep this copy of the camera that I currently have.

For anyone wasting their time reading this thread and considering purchasing the a7 III, this is the only instance I’m aware of of someone having problems with light leakage and the LCD (on three units yet! give me a break). Do NOT avoid the a7 III because of the OP.

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