What are "Blown Highlights?"

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Re: Chato...Another option.

ANAYV wrote:

Greyser wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

Bridge camera?


Which one?

Well, there is a few out there. I'm using the FZ80. I.Q. isn't that great...but in line with what I see from Chato's images...as some of us feel they are a bit soft.

FZ80 will give longer zoom reach and only really suffers in low light or higher ISO settings.

Lens is about two stops faster at the telephoto end, than f11, so should narrow the gap between the sensor sizes, and keep ISO a bit lower.

Add to that it's small size , amazing O.I.S. 4K video and overall speed, I feel it's a good option for far away subjects. Not saying it would be a main camera...but for one needing 1200mm reach and does not want to lug around a tripod...it' s an option.


How recent 1" sensor cameras look agains the longest. but smaller 1/2.3" sensor models?

1" type sensor is way better. I had the FZ1000, before selling it for the D3400 and few lenses,and within it's focal length it's I.Q. is excellent, compared to any 1/2.3" sensor camera.

Even the High end Sony RX10 latest model only goes to 600mm. (only, lol)

The superzoom bridge cameras zoom optically to at least twice that 1200mm...

Nikon B700 is 1440mm..and of course the P900 at 2000mm ..and the Huge P1000, zooming to 3000mm. Canon s latest SX70 is around 1300mm.

cool thing is, these cameras, in decent light can be handheld.

O.I.S. is amazing. Easy to gain 4 stops (of course does nothing for subject movement)

I can post few shots from previous Nikon P610 (same as B700, but older sensor and few less features) or the the older Canon SX50...and the FZ80 if requested.


Thanks for the info. I'm looking into 6-7 years from now when my DSLR body and 500/4 prime may become too heavy for me to hand hold. Hope, technology will be way better with smaller sensors. Or they may fade away completely. Who knows? Anyway, still keeping eyes on bridge cameras progress.

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