RX100M6, speeding trains

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Re: RX100M6, speeding trains

DUTCH van Atlanta wrote:

Digital Nigel wrote:

Incidentally, I've extracted the embedded small JPEG from the RAW file. This represents what an OOC JPEG would have looked like:

This is the unedited, small OOC JPEG embedded in the RAW file. Somehow, the camera managed to attain sharp focus on the moving train in near darkness.

Now you can see why I'm so impressed with its focusing abilities.

And no wonder the shadows look noisy when you brighten it up!

My Canon G3X achieved something similar at night shooting a push boat on the Mississippi River at ISO 12800. It's really quite amazing what some of the cameras can achieve.

As a G3X owner I have to admit that the tug boat probably is more the sort of subject for the focusing speed than this train but the IQ is very good really for the price and I remember that excellent image being posted.

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