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I've just bought an RX100M6, and decided to try it out shooting speeding trains in low light. I like travelling on and photographic steam trains, and I wouldn't normally use a little camera like the RX100. More probably, I'd use my A6500 with 16-70 lens. But the little RX100 has a much wider zoom range, so I wondered how well it would do.

This picture was taken about five minutes before official sunset, on an overcast, rainy day, so the light was terrible. The modern train was speeding past, and unlike a steam train, doesn't have many details to focus on:

The camera managed to focus on a fast-moving train in very low light (ISO6400)

But then I perhaps pushed it too far. The next shot was taken half an hour later, around 25 minutes after sunset. But even in near-darkness, the camera still managed to focus on the fast train. However, there's a limit on how far you can push a little 1" sensor:

Even DxO PhotoLab struggles to clean up this very low light, ISO6400 image (obviously flash cannot be used in such situations).


One other discovery I (re)made: when shooting in continuous mode, even at low frame rates, the eShutter is used, so you can to watch out for rolling shutter effects when panning.

Hmmm...I think it can be cleaned up a little more?


Cleaned up by downsizing to 1.7mp, maybe. But let's see your more cleaned up version at full res which is what Nigel posted. My betting is it will just be a smeary mess.


The brightened up image looks rather good and makes a rather atmospheric image but i then i suppose there is no pleasing the molecular scientists looking at the results from the microscopic analysis.

I am amazed that the camera could grab focus on this.

Yes, that's the key point, that some people seem to have missed: I was testing how well the little camera could focus on fast moving objects in poor light. I was not testing the low light performance of the 1" sensor -- this is my sixth 1" sensor camera, so I already know how far you can push the ISO. What I wanted to find was just how good or bad this one would be as an action camera (my other five are not, as they don't have PDAF).

Incidentally, I've extracted the embedded small JPEG from the RAW file. This represents what an OOC JPEG would have looked like:

This is the unedited, small OOC JPEG embedded in the RAW file. Somehow, the camera managed to attain sharp focus on the moving train in near darkness.

Now you can see why I'm so impressed with its focusing abilities.

And no wonder the shadows look noisy when you brighten it up!

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