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Re: I own a Sony A7 also...

PlumShots wrote: addition to m4/3 gear. Have owned the Sony for almost 3 years

Sony A7 stills image quality is right there with the A7III (with minor image processor pre-processing differences).

While I like the image quality of the Sony A7, I absolutely hate the ergonomics. I tried the A7II (IBIS, EFCS) and hated the ergonomics even more.

Maybe I should have bought an A7 myself, instead I bought the first A7R and I also hate the ergonomics of use - virally.  As I bought the camera body as a supplement to my Canon 5D for theatre use with adapted EF lenses (only) the Sony CDAF just will not cope with the adaption - even with the best that Metabones can do.  So good light variable AF but acceptable performance.  Theatre light and it is MF only and really hit or miss and the Sony low light noise correction is woeful - at least on that body.  The older 5D on the other hand is sharp but with more noise.  The 5D pdaf is literally “quick as a flash” and the images were more pleasant than what the A7R could offer.

Anyone could only half imagine my disappointment at buying an A7R to do a premium job and finding that it was not up to that job and the ergonomics are so woeful as to drive me near insane trying to MF in near dark conditions  - then the images had very few keepers whilst my then 5+ year old Canon 5D was making 95% of its captures quickly and sweetly (and perfect) with hardly any effort at all. Obviously there was good reason for the A7S to arrive.

For my “fun” use the M4/3 system works very well and is also a pleasure to use.  My EF mount lenses provide very acceptable AF on M4/3 bodies (and can include focal reduction) these actually focus well enough for theatre light and condiions with Panasonic CDAF which is head and shoulders better than the (impossible) AF of Sony CDAF in the first A7R.

So effectively my A7R turned into an orphan despite the fact that it is capable of great images if the conditions suit it.

I should have waited and bought an A7RII at least.  But in any case my M4/3 works well enough for my purposes.  As noted (frequently) my interest in a S1R is to use it solely as a horse to mount my EF lenses on.

But I am really interested to see if Panasonic “breaks ranks” and offers a SX1R soon after the S1R - this of course will be a more compact RF variant of the S1R.

However, if buying today, I wouldn't buy a camera without the "bells and whistles" of IBIS and "my preferred" ergonomics, no matter what the other-worldly specifications of said camera.


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