Kodak DCS 330 and DCS 315

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Re: I remember these


I see what you mean. Nice comparison you have there. I didn't miss out on anything there. Not that I still have that D1. I still have a working D1H on hand. I don't use it any longer.

Although, I did take it and my old 28-105 zoom (the one which no longer sends correct focal length data) down to the Cape Fear river after Hurricane Florence flooded our fishing cabin out and the river had receded. River mud is slick and there was a lot of it. If I fell into the ankle deep muck, I'd rather my oldest stuff get messy.

Used to be, the D1H and the 760c wandered around road courses (auto racing). Now, it is the Df and the 760c. I also had a 720x for night racing under the lights (no flash). But, when I quit racing, someone else wanted that one.

There is a Kodak 3xx in a local camera shop in their used Nikon area. Next time I am in, I will have to ask about it.


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