Does Samsung still make DSLR cameras?

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Re: Does Samsung still make DSLR cameras?

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I see a picture of the NX30 on their website, but no information on it nor a buy button. What's their latest flagship camera? Did they quit with the cameras?

It seems that they unfortunately have never had the good manners, courtesy or respect for their user base to actually tell anyone if they are still in the business or not.

Yeah what a shame. I'd be upset if I invested in Samsung cameras and lenses only to find out they stopped for good... if only they tried harder. I do think they have the technology, ability, and money to do it so idk...

Maybe they did not make enough money, cameras sure were good enough. Now people sell their NX cameras (and lenses) cheap, seems like the flood-gates are opening here. Maybe just the beginning.

It would not have cost them really to give people some sort of idea what they were up to.

The last I read from was they did not respond to rumours when people actually posted what they thought was happening.

I did not mind their leaving the market which is entirely their prerogative but the way of doing it was pretty poor.

Also getting people as part of a well publicised campaign to switch from DSLR to NX just shortly before exiting the market must have left a few people miffed.

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