Just bought a 12.9” iPad Pro and returning it...

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Re: Just bought a 12.9” iPad Pro and returning it...

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This thread has turned into “iPad Pro for photography” glad it works well for you. My main complaint (in my first post) is typing as you are holding/cuping the iPad Pro 12.9” with two hands.

its great to hear again that people find the screen calibrated, that is encouraging but I want an iOS that allows me to print selecting various printer driver settings and ICC profiles for my paper (which I doubt it will ever happen)

In my simple workflow, I airdrop the RAW files from my iPhone to iPad, or save them to iCloud files... then use in LR mobile which supports importing photos from camera roll or iCloud Files. The WD SSD supports creative cloud hence why you can access it from LR.

PS: thatWD wireless SSD is real nice but $400CDN !

Good point - I had forgotten about AirDrop. Thinking about it, if you are on location or on holiday away from Wi-Fi, and have an iPad Pro and a MacBook Pro, you could use this workflow:

Import RAW from the SD Card into iPad Pro, do culling or mark the good photos as favourites in the Photos app, then AirDrop the photos you want to keep to the MacBook Pro, then import/move these into Lightroom Classic from the downloads folder. You could then add them to a collection and work on the Smart Previews on the iPad Pro (this is better for me as I have a 13" MacBook Pro and the screen real estate isn't great, but it's the only way to do HDR and pano). Or, you could just import them into LR Mobile and wait for the images to be downloaded to your MacBook, then delete them from the iPad Camera Roll - which would be fine if you are not in a hurry to do HDR / pano.

I have been considering the second option (except using Windows PC rather than MacBook) - but doesn't this leave full size files within LR Mobile on the ipad pro?

Yes - but once the images added to LR Mobile have been uploaded to CC you can then delete them from LR Mobile and Camera Roll. The RAW images will remain in Lightroom Classic and will be stored locally on your Mac/PC. Any adjustments you made to the photos when they were in LR Mobile will still show.

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