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The notion that RF mount bodies and lenses will solely be the domain of "Huge, expensive, premium" is seriously flawed. Just because Canon decided to release some halo lenses for the launch of their new system does mean all RF lenses will be at this level. There is also no requirement that the RF mount only be used for full frame cameras. The RF mount can easily fit onto M system sized bodies, with or without a crop sensor.

M50 with RF mount and crop sensor

There is no technical limitation preventing Canon from building smaller and cheaper bodies that use the RF mount and a crop sensor.

M50 with RF 35mm f1.8 IS vs M50 with EF-M 32mm f1.4

The existing RF 35mm f1.8 IS Macro lens is already quite compact and inexpensive for a full frame lens. Yes, the total package is bigger and heavier than the existing EF-M kit, but not by a significant amount. Of course, Canon can also build small and inexpensive crop sensor lenses in RF mount.

Many of the recent lens updates like the 70-200mm f4 L II, 70-200mm f2.8 L III, and 100-400mm L II are likely the last iterations of these lenses in EF mount. Future versions of these lenses will only be coming in RF mount. While these are big, expensive lenses, there are plenty of people purchasing these lenses solely for use on crop bodies. I would not be surprised if there are actually more people using the 100-400mm lenses on crop bodies than full frame. Canon absolutely must build RF mount bodies with crop sensors to support these photographers.

The sole advantage of the M system vs the RF system is in absolute smallest size.

I disagree. Price also comes into the purchase decision.

Finish reading the rest of my post...

I did and my reading comprehension is just fine. I still feel you are wrong when you state "the sole smallest size"

A camera like the M100 would definitely be bigger with the RF mount. Move up to an M50 or M5, and the size increases would be almost imperceptible. As for price and weight, the M system has no technical advantage here.

Price will not be a differentiator. RF mount cameras with crop sensors will be just as inexpensive as the current M system cameras.

Just as DSLR FF are just as inexpensive as DSLR APS-C...not! Certainly all we know today is that an M sytem is very much cheaper than an R system.

Apparently your reading comprehension is not "just fine". At no point have I ever suggested that any full frame camera system will be as inexpensive as a crop sensor camera system.

No, it seems it's your reading comprehension that is lacking. Did you not see the word 'not' after my statement. ie negating what came before.

Please re read what I have written and point out where I ever said you suggested FF would be as inexpensive as a crop sensor system.

That is exactly what you suggested with this sarcastic statement "Just as DSLR FF are just as inexpensive as DSLR APS-C...not!"

It's just plain to see I said nothing of the sort.

No point carrying this any further with you. I suggest you find someone else to play with

And by this admission of yours you seem to agree with me that price, not just size, is a benefit of M over R.

As for current M vs R, the only current valid comparison is between the EF-M 32mm f1.4 and the Rf 35mm f1.8 IS Macro. Similar focal lengths, apertures, and build quality. Those two lenses are very, very similar in size, price, and weight.

Hopefully when there are more than 3 R mount lenses I'll be able to give you more examples. Meanwhile please compare EF versus EF-S lenses and see how the former have a price premium.

Why would I compare full frame EF lenses to crop sensor EF-S lenses? Try comparing EF-M lenses and EF-S lenses. It should be obvious that Canon is capable of building compact, lightweight and inexpensive crop sensor lenses with a 54mm mount. Just as Canon will do again with crop sensor RF mount lenses.

Several of your posts come across as if you have intimate knowledge of how the future will pan out, which I doubt very much. Do you work for Panasonic in a senior position? I don't...anymore.

No answer to that I see. So it would seem your posts are just you opinions...which you are of course entitled to, just as I and others are.

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