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Normal in this context is normal in the age of digital everything as perfect and glitch or physics-free as possible. A world that does not want lens effects, electronic noise or perceived colour imbalances.

That I understand and agree to. I like gritty, dirty, different interpretations of reality. That's what we have artists for btw.

Reality of the virtual not the natural.

No, correcting vignetting mean making it as we see it in reality. That is the natural way. Vignetting is distortion, like it or not. Or maybe I simply misunderstand

Well I see the reverse. Human vision does have vignetting. Lenses do have vignetting. So the reality of the digital camera is the reality of a fictional reality. A simulacrum of reality, if that makes sense.

simulacrum, hmm, simulare that is simulate... You British owe a great deal from Roman Conquest of British Isle though I admire the spirit of Boudicca. I learn Latins in Ricoh forum and I learn English(or American?) slangs from a novel of Raymond Chandler, so my brain seems to burst due to swelling. At the same time my brain seems to enjoy it. The ecstasy you experience at the moment of climactic death? No it is not what you think. Not DOA* thing, I mean a sublime experience, even approaching spiritual one I may say.

*Death on Abdomen

Latin etymology but Plato via Baudrillard. And of course French cultural theorists, writers and film-makers loved Chandler.

Death on Abdomen. I never heard this - is it a joke?

Use your imagination. Many people die on the abdomen of someone. If that someone is a loved one isn't it a happy death?

I see. Usually in Hollywood tradition the person who dies is the one providing the abdomen for the lover (usually female) to weep over.

I wonder whether there is an official gender statistics of the victims.

Also I wonder whether there is kind of DOA in animal kingdom, I never heard of it but you may ask to one of many English zoologists.

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