Canon 6D vs. 6D Mark II vs. 5D Mark IV for Night Sky?

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Re: Canon 6D vs. 6D Mark II vs. 5D Mark IV for Night Sky?

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As was mentioned earlier, the screen can be swiveled out and away from the back of the camera to help with cooling (I keep the screen away from the back of the camera while the scope is cooling as well as during imaging).

Everyone assumes that the LCD must a significant source of heat.

It is not an assumption. It is pretty common knowledge that using the LCD a lot reduces battery life. That means power, and it is not simply the power in the LCD, it is also the processing needed to drive the LCD.

By moving the LCD LCD away from the camera, 2 things help cooling.

1) Whatever heat that the LCD generates is away from the camera. Even 1 watt is significant. For example dew heaters are typically a watt or so. Small LCD panel add-ons for a camera consume about 7 watts for a 7-inch display. The camera LCD is presumably less, but probably not 7x less. Note it is also the support electronics--the LCD itself may be a fraction of a watt. Then add the camera internal processing to get the data to the LCD.

Assuming the goal is the same level of backlight illumination, at least the power consumed by the backlight likely scales with area. So a camera with a 3.2 inch display would then consume a little less than 1/4 the backlight power. Add to that the power consumed by the LCD itself and its drive electronics, so lets say 2 watts total. Still, I would like to see actual measurements to prove that given the other things I state (including that it is not actually turned on during an exposure) that such a power draw actually has a significant effect on dark current noise during an exposure. Saying it should doesn't make it so.

2) By moving the LCD panel away from the camera, there are several mm less material insulating the camera so the heat generated inside the camera has a better chance of radiating/conducting away from the camera.

I already acknowledged that and it is an excellent point.

Wind and humidity also play a role in getting rid of heat. Wind helps, higher humidity hurts.

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