2018 : The year where cell phones matched MicroFT

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Rich Evans
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2018 : The year where cell phones matched MicroFT

As mentioned here:

And proven here:

As much as the MicroFT fans refuse to admit this is HUGE news and say it is fake: A cell phone that can match the IQ of a (not much larger) sensor is one of the BREAKTHROUGHS of the industry. We have evidence everywhere with those tests. And thanks to Google there will be more progress in the years to come.

One of the counter arguments is the ability to change lenses but this too is diminishing rapidly with the introduction of multiple lenses on cell phones. Apple, Samsung, Huawei all of them bringing phones outspeccing and matching the MicroFT sensor in IQ and lenses.

One the supposed weight advantage compared to bigger sensor systems I guess this argument can be put to rest with phones that match the IQ of MicroFT. Nothing is better than a camera than can fit in your pocket right? So when need be just bring a higher IQ system camera than the cellphone or MicroFT combo. After all Z6/A7III/etc all weight similarly and perform MUCH better than the smaller sensors costing similar monies for the bodies.

Tough year for the system but I for one welcome all the revolutions coming out from the old MicroFT alliance: the new alliance of Pana+Sigma+Leica is a huge deal bringing a better system, FF systems that are the same size/weight/price as MicroFT ones, cell phones with same IQ and multiple lenses. Next year will be HUGE.

It was a good and fun run with MicroFT.

I for one welcome even more progress even if MicroFT might not be part of it.

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