Nikon Z6, Z7 and Canon EOS R low-light ISO scores?

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Re: Nikon Z6, Z7 and Canon EOS R low-light ISO scores?

Maarten Droogne wrote:

With the DxO site apparently busy with moving, I was wondering if there is any other site/organisation or whatsoever with objective measurements on those sensors? I wanna compare them to the Sony A7 III and A7R III but most sites dont have any info about this specificaly.

Thanks in advance!

First of all, that metric is highly overrated, IMO. It heavily factors in photon noise, and mostly ignores the far uglier and problematic read noise. It is mainly relevant to high-key photos taken with no shadows or darker midtones, and does not reflect shadow noise at all.

The DxO DR charts show the input-referred read noise (which is more relevant, the deeper the shadow), but even that is incomplete, because it does not reflect the character of read noise, which is more blotchy or banded with some cameras than others.

DPR's studio scenes are better for that, but only assuming that exposure is always the same for the same ISO, and there may be differences in contrast and NR and sharpening.

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