Nikon Z6, Z7 and Canon EOS R low-light ISO scores?

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Re: Nikon Z6, Z7 and Canon EOS R low-light ISO scores?

bclaff wrote:

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Read noise, which is the second noise type and a combined noise out of many different actual noise sources along the processing pipeline in the camera. That is the one which is a limiter for the post-processing latitude and also responsible for the color distortions. ...

Many, if not most, color issues arise from an imbalance between the color channels (black level) as opposed to from read noise itself.
Naturally, at low signal levels not having a "proper" zero reference makes a visible difference in the results.

Even if things were perfectly "even" between the channels, you'd still get a desaturation, like crushed blacks, i.e. black is grey then instead of some purplish-blue. You'd still lack the details in the darker parts (details as being "things to see" not resolution detail), because they are close to or drowned in the read noise. Increasing contrast for such images will kill the visible read noise then, but also everything else close by. Means this won't change the differences between cameras really. Nonetheless, in overall that would be a very good improvement, because I've grown to really dislike this difficult to correct color cast over the years.

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