Vivtar lenses (used on aMinolta SRT101) on Sony A7III

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Re: Vivtar lenses (used on aMinolta SRT101) on Sony A7III

Geerlings wrote:

From samples/reviews I've found the Vivitar 135mm f/2.8 (komine) is a good lens. It's not in the same league is a Zeiss Jena, or the Close Focusing Vivitar, but it's nice. Pleasant bokeh, sharp stopped down a tiny bit. Not sure of it's infinity performance.

The better version, the "Close Focusing" copy, is a prettier, more special lens. But it runs around $150-200 usually unless you get lucky.

I paid $15 plus shipping (I think) and for that price is real bargain. The lens is very sharp, but it doesn't have modern coating so exhibits loss of contrast in harsh light and also CA.

Taken with Olympus E-M10

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