SX70 HS, no hot shoe!

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Re: SX70 HS, no hot shoe!...FZ70/80..options

KeepCalm wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

KeepCalm wrote:

....I hope Cameralabs if they review it can run it against the FZ82.

That would be nice. Often times , they compare camera's that I wished they used other cameras, instead.

My guess , the I.Q. should be a bit better on the SX70, than the FZ80.

Bigger question:

Can it AF and operate as fast?

so far, no Canon has.....but there's hope


Does the SX70 have more than just centre or everything focusing as on the G3X? I get tempted to swap to the FZ82 just to get the focusing modes and speed I had on the FZ72. The SX70 is probably out of my price range whatever. The FZ82 is £249 currently all round so I am sore tempted.

FZ80/82 is quite a step up (speed and feature-wise) to the FZ70/72.

EVF  - much better

LCD - now a touchscreen

DFD AF  - faster

4K photo modes. You can extract 8MP stills from the 4K video.

4K video and higher resolution slow motion video.

Option to lower the resolution in order to gain more zoom (in camera crop).

18MP full resolution = 1200mm

9MP EZ Zoom =  1699mm.

4 assignable function buttons. they come in handy.

Huge difference over the FZ70/72 is the internal buffer memory.

Now, you can take over 5fps with C-AF.

If shooting jpegs ..keep on shooting..and shooting...and locking up, causing you to wait for the burst to first go from processing to SD card...then after some time, you can shoot again.

It can shoot faster than 5fps, but that will limit the frames you get before buffer fills up, or it's just a limit.

If shooting RAW, it will be much less, but will slow down....and you often can keep shooting, but at a lower fps rate, while buffer clears.

Another annoyance is the grey out on image assist where it shows the surrounding frame but the view after sunset unfortunately.


No frame assist with FZ80, if your referring to the ability to zoom back, find your subject and then , when you let go of switch, it zooms back in to where you were.

FZ80 zooms back and forth fast enough that i don't miss this feature from my SX50 and Nikon P610.

I wont post images from FZ80 here...but i think they are better than the FZ70.  Photo Styles gives more control over in camera adjustments. Some fine tuning in FastStone and they are pretty good.


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