Sony RX10iv and RX100vi SOOC vs RAW IQ/Colour

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Re: Sony RX10iv and RX100vi SOOC vs RAW IQ/Colour

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I realised a little while back that my careful RAW processing wasn't as good as the JPEG, even though the RX10iv does not save the highest quality JPEG when you also shoot RAW. I guess it's a tribute to the JPEG engine, but also suggests there I must have a lot more to learn about LR.

I didn't know the RX10iv didn't save the highest quality JPEG when you also shoot RAW.

In RAW + JPEG the camera saves JPEGs as fine rather than extra fine. There is no difference in IQ between the two visually but extra fine can handle more editing before breaking down. I guess the theory is if you want to edit you use the RAWS.

I've just been setting up my new RX100M6 and was surprised to see it allows full control over the JPEG quality and resolution when shooting RAW+JPEG. So you can, for example, shoot RAW+ Extra Fine 5mp JPEG. In other words, whatever settings you create for JPEG-only shooting also apply when shooting RAW+JPEG.

I think this is the first camera that I've had with this capability. I think I might use it, too. For example, when travelling, instead of just shooting RAW, I might shoot RAW+Fine 5MP JPEG. The 2736 x 1824 5mp JPEGs would be fine for emailing, etc, but I'd do all my post-processing when I got home on the full resolution RAW files.

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