Can Hassy compete with Fuji?

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Re: Can Hassy compete with Fuji?

Jared Willson wrote:

Rick Knepper wrote:

Jared Willson wrote:

Erik Kaffehr wrote:

Hi Jared,

I will be do some digging...

But, to make it short, there was a posting by AiryDiscuss on the issue. Airy works with OlafTesting/Lensrentals as director of metrology.

You talk of this person like we all should know who he/she/it is. Maybe you can introduce us.

But, OlafTesting's gear is not intended for MFD. Also, I got the impression that most of their customers are full frame and their focus is in that area.

What Airy said was that many of the Fuji lenses are exceptional while the Hassy lenses are merely very good. Just to say, I am a bit reluctant to refer to Airy, because that may be a bit out of context.

Airy also mentioned that the MTF data for the X lenses is calculated and not measured. Traditionally, Hasselblad used to provide measured MTF on actual lens samples. So would Hassy release calculated MTF for their lenses, that would be a break with traditions. I would say that the curves look pretty real to me.
I would hope Hasselblad has a good future. But, it can easily be seen that they have some real competition with Fuji. After all, Fuji is a large company with long experience in photography. Also, Fuji can probably reuse many designs they made for smaller formats.
So, as I see it, Fuji is in an excellent position.
With Hassy, I don't know. I am very worried they didn't made an announcement about using the 100 MP sensors.
Regarding the lenses, I think the MTF data holds some promise. Must say, I have not seen a lot of really convincing samples from the X1D, but that applies to pretty much every other camera on the planet.

Just to say, I have no ponies in this race. I think that both Fuji and Hassy has injected some new life in medium format and I think that is a good thing.

As things are, I am not a consumer for either. I am pretty happy with the gear I have, Sony A7rII with a bunch of other party lenses.
Best regards

Yes, I believe you are correct that Hasselblad is using calculated MTF data on the X series lenses. Any given sample could, obviously, fall materially below what is represented in the graphs. I suspect virtually everyone is using calculated MTF's at this point--not aware of any current exceptions. Fuji, unfortunately, doesn't even include diffraction in their measurements which makes comparisons based on calculated MTF essentially impossible. That's why I would love to see some actual tests for either/both.

As far as convincing samples... Boy, it gets really hard to tell when you are discussing cameras over 24 megapixels. Was the focus perfect? Was there enough DOF? How stable was the camera? Is it even a compelling photograph? I am pleased with the results I get with the X1D but am under no illusions that I couldn't do just as well with a Fuji GFX or that a better photographer wouldn't get much better results with a simple iPhone (depending on subject and print size, of course).

Jared, my first choice was the X1D because to my eye, the images were just as stunning as any from the GFX. The deal killer for me being a lack of operational functions I have come to rely on such as bracketing. At that time, I was unaware of how valuable the tilt viewfinder would actually become and have now added to my list of absolute needs for any camera I buy in the future. This is the reason why I didn't add the 50r to my kit as a 2nd/backup cam.

Makes total sense. There's no question the X1D is "light" on features. I consider that an asset for my photography since it has the vast majority of the features I want and use, and therefore menus and buttons are less cluttered. I can certainly understand other photographers having different needs. Like the tilting screens. I hate them myself, but then I don't even want cup holders in my cars.

- Jared

I used to lament the lack of a tilting screen on my 5DsR. The 645z had a two way tilting screen  however it still suffered from washout in sunlight. I haven't used the rear LCD since going mirrorless.

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