6D: amazing low-light shots! How??

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Re: Math? Just take pictures!

MarshallG wrote:

p0ppyman wrote:

I respect your opinion, mine is just different than yours when it comes to crop vs. full frame.

Why put people through all the math for conversions when you go the crop route especially when they are beginners was the question I kept asking myself. I kept asking myself who was this cruel person that created crop. Why is this so hard.

Not having to do all the math was worth the very few extra dollars I've had to spend. I would read stuff from photographers shooting full frame and then I'd have to spend extra time trying to figure out what it meant

Dude, just shoot!

If you want to learn what 50mm at f/1.4 looks like, take pictures and study your results. Stop with the calculating and measuring and SHOOT!

You wont take great photos by using tables and listening to other people telling you about rules and whether ISO 10,000 is too noisy. Take pictures and look at them.

See this banyan tree? I took over 100 shots of it until I figured out this angle and got the strobe at the right angle and power setting. If I read about it in a book, I never would have done it. Put away the slide rule and take pictures.

Nice image! I was just sharing a real belief, using the  math reference for a bit of humor, based upon my early crop sensor experience. I own both an X-T1 aps-c and 6D.

I agree we should all just shoot!   


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