Samyang AF EF14mm f2.8

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Re: Samyang AF EF14mm f2.8

I don't know about UK, but in Australia, the prices were roughly;

Samyang 14mm f2.8 MF - $550

Samyang 14mm f2.8 AF - $800

Irix 15mm Firefly - $700

Irix 15mm Blackstone - $1000

Samyang 14mm f2.4 XP/SP - $1200

Sigma 14mm f1.8 - $1850

So, the difference between the cheap Samyang and the XP/SP was similar to the difference between the XP/SP and the Sigma.

I have found that having manual focus on the XP/SP is really not a chore because the DoF is so big that for outdoor use I just set it on infinity and forget about it, and for indoor use I can almost set it on about 3m and forget about it. The focus is actually quite forgiving, and I seldom (if ever) use even 10x magnification for focusing, never mind focus peaking (on my M5 only). Even at f2.8 and 3m, the hyperfocal distance is from 1.83m to infinity, so even if I am 1m out, it is still in focus. Obviously that widens even further at smaller apertures.

I have used it for astro, landscapes, and some indoor shots. It is certainly not my most widely used lens, but it is becoming more useful to me the more I use it.


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