Yet another beginner - camera or lens?

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Yet another beginner - camera or lens?

I have kinda narrowed down some options for embarking on the whole photography thing. I paint and draw a lot and am a tech geek so I ought to like photography but for some reason it's all left me a bit cold. Whether the notion of lugging a relatively large bit of kit about in a bag feels socially awkward or that the camera simply doesn't feel right in my (larger than average) hands.

I did buy a GX8 with the 12-60 kit lens and fought, remedial skills or not, with the quality. Often at 3200 ISO even in what I would call okay light, images were bland and lacked vibrancy. I did buy a fairly inexpensive 20mm pancake lens and that fixed a fair few issues but the colour was still a bit off. So i guess the old hifi adage GIGO applies; if the lens is off then so will the pics?

I never grew attached to the panny. It was just a 'thing' that took perfectly serviceable pics but I guess pride of ownership was not there. Like owning a drill. None of the menus made sense, buttons will be pressed by accident and no idea how to reverse the selection. Novice blues, perhaps, but I never found the camera - bought on spec - something I wanted to use.

So I'm at something of a stalemate - do I get a body that feels right which will be larger and just get used to having a bag all the time, or a smaller body that is more discrete but isn't as ergonomic? For both options do I get the best all purpose lens I can see for the format (the Fuji 18-55, Olympus 12-40 Pro or Leica 12-60) or stick with the relatively poor kit lens and build from there.

I travel quite a bit for work and often take pics as reference for painting. Be that prople pets or anything else I stumble across. I'm not naturally a shy person - I do amateur state work - but always feel shunned when I got the GX8 out and took photos of people even if they were interesting.

I visited a store in Newcastle UK and in my hand the Panny G9 fit best but at price and size cost - also the viewfinder 'shimmered' when i focused which I found a bit headache inducing. The XT-2 was ok but I was afeared of the lack of IBIS, though I liked the little joystick, The OM5 mk 2 looked lovely but was as small as I'd want to go - too small? -and I hear it is old and maybe not worth the money (still £500 less than the Panny g9, though with the nice kit lens).  All of these options are bag only. I did have a look at the X100F and that was nice but the viewfinder was poor and ergonomically it was awful.

Lots there in that ramble but any advice would be appreciated.

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