What will Canon's next EF lens be?

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What will Canon's next EF lens be?

What do you think Canon's next EF lens will be within the next two years, if any?

24-70 / 2.8L IS
18.5% 12  votes
24-70 / 4L IS II
3.1% 2  votes
50 / 1.4 IS
23.1% 15  votes
85 / 1.8 IS
0.0% 0  votes
135 / 2L IS
15.4% 10  votes
Other (please specify in comments).
10.8% 7  votes
None -- Canon will either stop making EF lenses all together or not make another EF lens until the RF lens lineup is more fully fleshed out. New EF lenses will be come from third party manufacturers only.
29.2% 19  votes
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