OK all you experts... my turn for some advice

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Re: OK all you experts... my turn for some advice

Jerry-astro wrote:

SigmaChrome wrote:

Personally, I would have taken a tripod, set the ISO to the camera's base (200, I guess), selected an appropriate aperture, say f5.6 - f8.0 and fired off a few shots - using the self-timer if necessary. I would not have shot hand-held at ISO 1600. I would also have shot RAW.

You need the best quality the camera can produce to really test a lens adequately. Otherwise you're just testing its ability to take snapshots. Maybe that's a valid test too - but it's a lot of money to spend on a 'snapshot' lens.

Just my humble opinion.

Why? The camera supports IBIS, which should easily have provided sufficient stabilization at that focal length. What’s more, the issues are not due to camera shake as you can see significant parts of the image that are tack sharp. It’s clearly an optical defect, at least to my eyes and therefore really isn’t relevant to the use (or non use) of OIS/IBIS.

Sorry to say this, but you are cumulating a lot of rookie-type errors here.

1. IBIS is not a replacement for a tripod. Nothing touches a *good* tripod for stabilization.

2. You shoot at ISO 1600 and process at what looks like default Lightroom settings. Believe me, these samples are NOT all that is in your raw files. Try at least to remove all noise reduction in Lightroom. All, meaning putting both the color and luminance sliders to 0. You'll see some noise, but hey, you're at ISO 1600.

3. You try to evaluate sharpness outside of the focus place at short distance with an aperture that is way too open. Heck, it is not even the optimal aperture of that lens. The problems in the lower corners could be a lens problem or could be that they are just out of focus. Or both.

So the best one can says is that this is inconclusive.

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