What do you think the next FF DSLR will be?

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What do you think the next FF DSLR will be?

I'm pretty sure Canon will produce FF DSLRs for at least another round, but I would think that they'd want to devote the bulk of their efforts towards mirrorless. So, what, if anything, do you think Canon's next FF DSLR will be?

6D3 -- basically a 6D2 with the 5D4 sensor.
1.8% 1  vote
5DsR2 -- basically the same as the 5DsR, but with a new sensor with moderately more pixels (say 60 MP) and 5D4-like DR.
17.9% 10  votes
5D5 -- a 5D4 with a moderate refinement to the sensor (perhaps 36 MP and 0.5 stops more base ISO DR) and a maybe a little higher frame rate.
16.1% 9  votes
1Dx3 -- a 1Dx2 with basically the same sensor but 24 MP, a higher frame rate, and improved 4K.
41.1% 23  votes
Canon will concentrate on mirrorless for a while, so their next FF DSLR will be fairly far in the future, thus all but impossible to guess what it might be.
14.3% 8  votes
No more FF DSLRs -- all new Canon DSLRs will be APS-C.
5.4% 3  votes
Other -- please specify in comments.
3.6% 2  votes
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