Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

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Re: My example

olyflyer wrote:

I had my camera for three weeks and it still looks like yours, but even though I try to keep my nails short because I also use keyboards day in and day out and hate when my nails are too long and hitting the keys, I don't have your disciplinary short nails. I envy people who can keep their nails in the condition you keep yours...

Haha    My nails grow quick so I trim them at least once a week (or maybe that's normal?).  I have an office job these days vs the installation work I did in the past (but same field though) so my nails don't get beat up much.  When I work outside around the garden I usually just put on some gloves.

I just checked where my fingers rest when holding the Z7.  I'm 5'8" tall with what I assume are normal size hands for that height and the tips of my index and middle finger don't really bottom out on the body.  My index finger would be up near the shutter release anyway and my middle finger at that point isn't touching the body near the lens.  I have to reach slightly to press the Fn buttons (one for spot metering and one for changing image area DX/FX).

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