Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

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Re: Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

We can see similar alerts EVERY time a new camera is released, at least every camera I had, had similar "alarming reports". OK, I only have experience with Olympus and a few Nikons, but alarming reports are not new, all and every one had them.

I had my camera for three weeks and I checked after reading your post, but found no signs of wear and tear. Perhaps the people who have problems are the hard grabbing type, or have large hands, long fingers and nails, have sweaty hands, I don't know, but I haven't yet noticed any issues. The only thing I had problems with was a lens for my Nikon V1. The zoom grip got lose and larger, so Nikon replaced for free (outside warranty). I expect them to fix my Z7 as well, if I ever need to get it fixed/replaced.

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