Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

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Re: Z7: rubber wearing off on the grip?

Several people here have reported the same problem:


Hatlaczki BalázsAfter 1 month and 7200 shots, my middle finger started scratching the rubber.

Yinan Zhao It happened a week ago.

Pavel Douda I saw the same thing on ambasadors cameras Z7 and Z6, it is only visual problem, which another people do not see.

Michael Cheung Whoops, didn't even notice until I saw your post but my Z7 shows wear in the same place. <4000 shots so far.

Not the biggest deal, but you'd hope for better durability after such a short time. Neither my D850 or D750 grips showed anything close to this after much longer use.

In my opinion, this is a serious problem that will affect all Nikon Z cameras sooner rater than later!

It's such a pity that Nikon didn't tested the new material they've put on the new Z cameras.

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