Epson Stylus Pro 4000 Magenta Ink stoppage/Blockage

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Epson Stylus Pro 4000 Magenta Ink stoppage/Blockage

Hi Folks,

Thanks for the great information on the inkjet printers.

We have a Epson Stylus Pro 4000 that has stopped printing on the magenta colour, it sat for a couple years and the magenta was patchy when I bought it ($200) and since purchase I have back flushed lines, removed the head and ran cleaner out of the head, replaced the damper, ink cartridge and now ended up with zero magenta colour arriving after all the “fix” work I did appeared to suggest it would go OK,

(I did learn about how the printed comes apart and back together with no bits left over.)

I’m wondering what I have missed,

It does not seem to be the print head, all the nozzles appeared clear when I pushed cleaner through the head with a syringe and all the other colours came back to normal,

I was not sure if the damper was damaged but I replaced anyway,

no difference,

I put a syringe on the damper when installed easily pulled 5 mL through the lines from the new magenta cartridge then reassembled.

I’m not sure how the ink is pumped to the head maybe a difficulty there,

I’m hoping you folk may understand what I missed as everything works fine apart from the magenta ink being pumped.

What do you think,

Do I bin it or is there a piece I have missed ???,

Do you think the epsons are the best to resurrect or should I change to another brand??

Thanks for the assistance 😊


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