What flash for the D500?

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I don't normally miss the pop-up flash on my D500 but I'm thinking of Christmas morning and taking a lot of indoor picts of the grand kids indoors. I don't normally shoot indoors but I know I'll need something at least for fill. Something small and light that would slip in a pocket would be good as I'm not planning to use it regularly. Oh and cheap would be good too.


SB-500. It can be controlled from camera's menu, it will allow you to control other off camera Nikon flashes, it fits in the pocket. I use it now with D500 as a travel flash. If you are not planning to control other flashes - SB-300. Also can be controlled from the camera's menu, smaller, less powerful.

Your recommended flashgun costs around GBP £200 in the UK. It's also quite large isn't it?

it does (cost about that much), but it is not (quite large).

Perhaps you are thinking of the SB-5000.

The SB-500 is inexpensive (as Nikon flashes go) and incredibly compact. In spite of that, it puts out more light than an SB-700, and it integrates with the flash-control menus on the D500, as noted by Sagittarius. The used market for SB-500's is quite reasonable (about 150GBP from B&H).

I'm quite enjoying mine, on a D500.

SB-500 has lower GN, so should not put out more light. Also only uses 2 AA's... takes forever to recycle. That's probably why it gets sold used a lot...

I would take SB-700 over SB-500 all day.

Personally I have four SB-800's and a SB-900. I'd rather have bought the SB-910... but bought too soon. SB-500 is ridiculously expensive. SB-900 was new once what SB-700 costs now.

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