Huawei P20 Pro pics from digital vs optical zoom

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Re: Huawei P20 Pro pics from digital vs optical zoom

Hello ChuckTa:

Thank you for the two construction site photos. Very exemplary for the topic.

To wit: I found to my disappointment that the PHOTO (default) mode images (a.k.a. STANDARD mode in other parts of the world) turn out to be much better than those taken in the so-called PRO mode. Quite counterintuitive. I bought the P20 Pro specifically to allow me to make decisions based on a subject etc. etc. (as when photographing with a DSLR), to achieve results to my liking, but as it turns out, that is not necessarily the case.

The APERTURE mode has the great feature of allowing the focal point and the depth of field to be very effectively (almost miraculously) adjusted post-exposure, but regretfully the edited version does not then present itself as a separate file in the photo gallery. And these resultant APERTURE mode images are not as good (e.g., underexposed) as those in the PHOTO mode, in my tests.

I am amazed at the relatively very good results in the NIGHT mode, considering taken handheld for 3 to 5 seconds long. Colours etc. a bit crass perhaps at times, but great for souvenirs nevertheless, for me anyway. Ideal for when no DSLR available, nor the time to take HDR multiple exposure shot on a tripod; a great alternative. Kudus to Huawei.

My HDR mode shots turned out no too badly, albeit they resulted in a relatively low file size.

To date, I have not run into unacceptable chromatic aberration, which is good news. Excessive sharpening, yes. I would rather do my own sharpening in Photoshop, or in the Huawei's own editing option, thank you. I do appreciate for now that when, as an exposure is taken and filed, there is an indication that the image is being sharpened automatically.

I do wish that in all modes the 'info' data would subsequently distinctly identify an image as to in what mode it had been taken.

I found that when adding a note to a file, that file then does not necessarily any longer get arranged chronologically back to its original location, making for great confusion (I believe that removing that note does not return a file to its original location either).

I have not yet actually converted any RAW files, based on the various negative comments I have read about lack of available apps suitable for Huawei DNG files. If anyone can please correct me on that issue, I am all eyes.

I know I am writing about a cellphone, not a full frame DSLR etc., but since Huawei have thrown the gauntlet to Apple and Samsung and Google in this camera function, I am hoping that they will make improvements to this product based also on user feedback, and very soon, so that it really shines!

If you, or others, have any comments, feel free to shoot this messenger .

Bye, Andy.

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