Canon Pixima Pro 100 & 3rd party inks.

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Canon Pixima Pro 100 & 3rd party inks.

I am new and am not sure if this is where I should be seeking advice.

I received a Canon Pixima Pro 100 and 2 sets of OEM inks as a gift.
It now needs ink and I want to use 3rd party inks.
I came across articles about OEM cli42 yellow ink gelling when mixed with 3rd party inks. Something about its incompatibility with water based inks.
I plan to use 7 of the 3rd party cli42 inks, all but the yellow. I will still use the OEM yellow.
Would that present any problems as I am not mixing the OEM yellow ink with anything?
I have read that the gel occurs at the top of the print head and in the cartridge sponge. Only OEM yellow ink will be present at these places as the color mixing occurs on the paper itself after the print head jets fire.

I am not new to 3rd party inks.
I had been using 3rd party cli8 inks in an 11 year old Canon Pixima IP4200 for years. The printer went belly up 3 months ago, the print head would not move from the parked position and there was a burned smell from that area.
I replaced it with a Canon Pixima MX922 and have been using 3rd party inks, so far with outstanding results.

Thanks for any advice.


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