portfolio: help me narrow (30) images down to (20)

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Re: portfolio: help me narrow (30) images down to (20)

Jeff Greenberg wrote:

Thanks for more info.
My thinking on Row1#1 is that it catches
unexpected "quirky" moment-behavior of kid;
that judges appreciate variety amongst (20), not sameness...
but it may just lose out in final (20).
in general, am guessing if images are strong, judges
are secondarily concerned about theme strength...?
"urban portraits" flexibly covers
a. city dwellers
b. city activities
c. city elements


People on a train with their phones next to the newspaper one tells me not just variety (culture, location) but it is still uniform in that in provides a theme and story, a moment in time where you are there. You can certainly mix city with rougher places, but they still need to mesh to some degree with one another and it offers great variety.

I really, really do not like the first photo...the kid is even blurry...for no good reason. It's a boring photo. It seriously hurts your portfolio by it being there, and it's worse because it is the first impression you are giving to judges, when none of your other photos are like that one.

Judges would appreciate the kids on the 4th row, or the 5nd more. The first photo does not show that at all, it's just bad...

Again, build from the best out and you will find the strength of your portfolio will improve dramatically.

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