Michigan Football with X-T3, 100-400 and 50-140 + 1.4x TC

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Re: Michigan Football with X-T3, 100-400 and 50-140 + 1.4x TC

(tl;dr - looking for more perceptions about the 50-140 + 1.4x TC, didn't see much comment about that in your post)


Firstly, huge thanks for putting all this together. I shoot mostly events/performance, + field sports on occasion and I've been debating the jump to Fuji (X-T3 + X-T2 combo) from FF Nikon and a D850+D750 combo.

Secondly, nice shots!

What really has me anxious about a possible jump from what is by all counts a stellar sensor (the D850 [and tbh the D750 isn't bad]) to a gorgeous piece of hardware with great color rendition and better framerates (11fps on the T3 is a joy for me, I've never owned a cam that shot >7fps) are these things:

  • Viability shooting field sports (200+mm)
  • Noise in performance events shooting at 5000-8000 ISO

The first issue kinda has me down because I was messing with the 100-400 in a shop today and I really couldn't get past the softness of the lens, especially at the long end. But, your shots with the 100-400 have me encouraged a bit! I'd also probably be satisfied with the 50-140 2.8 and a 2x converter (I'm sitting on a 16-55, 50-140, X-T2 and X-H1 due to a friend leaving town and selling off gear at a good price - so modding the 50-140 seems a reasonable option). I didn't see any 50-140 x1.4 shots in your keepers in the OP - how did you feel about the combo? My alternative is to pick up the 200-500 5.6 or potentially the Sigma 120-300 2.8 Sports for Nikon, but I don't know if my back can take lugging that stuff around (ergo my desire to hop to Fuji).

The second issue I'm still pretty hesitant about, especially looking at anything so far from Fuji above about 4000. It's hard after being spoiled by the 850's noise. I think it's just something I'd have to live with.

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