AstroTrac 360?

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Re: AstroTrac 360?

Pogo65 wrote:

I have to agree about the price, however you are looking at a highly capable (claimed) german equatorial here that is also very portable and modular as it can be taken apart and used as two camera trackers if the need arises. If not, you have a german equatorial mount that has a 5 arcsec accuracy and with goto capability as well from what I understand( even though I don't find that last capability so important, it can certainly help to put small objects in your field of view whith longer focal lengths, which this mount is supposed to be able to handle as they claim.

Considering all that, I think the price is high but reasonable.

Go To is surprisingly important when you start going for even medium sized objects. They can be difficult to find without go-to. Wide angle lenses, sure easy peasy but start getting into the smaller stuff and it can be frustrating. I would say the frustration starts around 300mm focal length.


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