Any problems with the Huawei P20 Pro?

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Re: Any problems with the Huawei P20 Pro?

Vlad, just so that we are singing from the same hymn book.

- When you write 3x tele, is that what Huawei calls 3x zoom?

- When you write tele lens, is that the 8MP, 52mm, f2.4 lens?

- When you wrote that in PRO mode '3x is always digi' (-tal zoom) - as opposed to optical zom - do you really mean that?

- When you refer to a 'Standard' mode, is that what Huawei refers to as 'PHOTO' mode?

For what it's worth: Inspired by the latest rounds of comments, I just took 2 sets of handheld test shots, on similar subjects, in similar lighting (ev 5, Lux 81 on a light meter), at 3x zoom set on the icon setting.

The results were very inconsistent:

In one scene, the PHOTO mode resulted in a sharper photo, with a higher MB file size, and in the other scene the PRO mode resulted in a sharper image with a higher MB file size. Which supports your comments that the camera decides from case to case just what lens/software/AI directive it should shoot at - not exactly my preference as a serious amateur photographer.

(I have yet to check for CA and sharpening halos on my PC, but may not bother to do that).

As before, Vlad, your replies will be appreciated.

Thanks, Andy.

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